Stand-up comedy and comedy in general is the ultimate form of free speech, because you get to poke holes in all the pretentious bubbles politicians and pundits and popes and pretenders try to float over our heads.

Rules & Regulations

General Rules:

  • 2 entries per institute are allowed.
  • The time limit for each performance will be 5 minutes.
  • Open theme.
  • Exceeding the time limit will lead to Negative marking.
  • Use of Abusive Language and offensive act is Strictly prohibited and will lead to Disqualification.
  • Participants should bring there college ID's with them.
  • Judges decision will be final and binding.
  • Rules may get modulated under certain circumstances by the authorities.
  • Coordinators

    Rohit Neel
    94688 95994
    Shiva Sharma
    77288 67336