Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Rules & Regulations

General Rules:

  • 2 participants per institute are allowed.
  • Use of props and recorded music will be allowed.
  • We will only take a maximum of 12 participants in this event.
  • There will be Negative marking for exceeding the time limit.
  • Choice of topic will be up to the participant.
  • The decision of Judges will be final and cannot be changed.
  • Use of abusive language in the performance will lead the participants to disqualification.
  • Judgement criteria:
    • Acting
    • Voice modulation
    • Emotions
    • Storyline
    • Overall performance
  • The event will be conducted in two rounds:
    • Elimination round/video prelims Round
    • Showcase round

Round 1: Elimination Round/Video Prelims Round

  • Participants must send their videos renamed with their names , mobile number, college name.
  • Video submission deadline 28 March 2022 till 6pm.
  • The video should be sent to the email address.
  • The duration of the video must not exceed the maximum time limit of 5 minutes.
  • Recorded music is allowed but recorded voice is not allowed.
  • The results for this round will be shared to the participants via call.

Round 2: Showcase Round

  • Selected participants from round 1 can either perform the same script of round 1 or as per their choice.
  • Time limit: 3-5 minutes
  • Round 2 will take place in offline mode at college campus.


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